It is a commercial event strictly reserved for professionals in antique and flea markets. Sellers or prospective purchasers, each year thousands of people go to the Avignon Exhibition Center for our regular meeting at Avignon International.

A few words about the trade market

The trade market in Avignon is an event for antique dealers and traders from all over the world. It allows for professionals in the sector an opportunity to have an extraordinary exchange and to share with peers.

This event allows professionals to identify trends in the antique market, to acquire exceptional things and to prospect in a unique place where everything is concentrated. Thanks to the trade market, professionals have the opportunity to find the best products for their customers.

Our equality policy

Equal opportunity for all is part of our values. The opening at 8 o’clock precisely allows
sellers and buyers to conclude business on an equal footing.

Before the opening of the event, the merchants’ vehicles remain closed and
goods cannot be unloaded. All sellers unpack their items at the same time, offering buyers the opportunity to find exceptional things. Antiquities, decorative art objects, antiques, the merchants of Avignon are real treasure hunts!



Did you know?

The first professional merchandising took place in Avignon.
Creator of the concept reserved for professional sellers and buyers of antiquity and flea markets, the first professional market took place in 1974.

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