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There will be on Monday, November 12th, 2018 in Carrare, Italy, a new professional  unpacking. A market day for professional merchants from all over Italy and abroad in Carrare’s exhibition center wich offers more than 30 000 M2 of exhibition.

This meeting has been possible thanks to the agreement between SODAF (Avignon’s professional unpacking) and the BID (Bologna’s professional unpacking) who managed to find an European agreement by choosing Marina di Carrara. The choice was focused on Marina di Carrara, because it is ideally positionned, being close to a direct line with France, moreover the airports of Genoa and Pisa are only 30 minutes away by car. The exhibition center is located in a modern area, equipped and convenient. Very easily accessible with a capacity of more than a thousand vehicles for parking. The city of Carrara is a seaside town with a remarkable hotel capacity and restaurants that will meet all the demands of a large public, the access by the highway and the train are very easy and allow to connect all Italy.

The Versilia region offers a wide variety of international customer, and is one of the first clients interested in this market, demanding sought-after, extravagant, original or classic furniture, creating opportunities that architects and interior designers can seize.

The association of SODAF and BID will also allow Marina di Carrara to become the first international platform where Antique dealers, Italian shippers and abroad will periodically buy goods. Let us also remember that Italy offers an extraordinary heritage and a number of operators able to interact with the rest of the world. An ambitious project that takes time, but which aims to become an appointment for the markets. The achievable and indispensable goal being a call to buyers from all over the world.

An appointment not to be missed, MONDAY NOVEMBER 12th, 2018 in Marina di Carrara Versilia.

Best regards, SODAF.


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